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Suwitmuaythai program at gym of Muay Thai for fitness is the happy memories

Holidays are sweet and comforting; they are filled with happy memories. They are the parts that fill up our diaries and improve our spirits. However, they can be over and “wasted” in a flash if we do not make good use of the period.

 Most people are confused about what to do during the holidays; read a book or hike or travel, and so on. However, picking up a new hobby/activity like Muay Thai is one of the best things you can do during this holiday.

· Camp locations are therapeutic

Many of the Muay Thai camps in Thailand are situated close to landmark areas like the beach, islands, beautiful countrysides, and lovely springs. Muay Thai speaks about the beautiful culture of the Thai people, and everything around the camp expresses it. Camps are the best place to “heal”.

· It is a relaxation sport program

This might come as a surprise, but even as “combative” as it is, Muay Thai has other routines like meditations, stretch, stress-relief strategies, and the rest. Engaging in such, as well as extra activities in camps are relaxing to the muscles and body

· Meet new people

There is no greater fun than making new friends with people from all over the world. Muay Thai camps have lots of foreigners who have come from almost every part of the world to train. From the nice locals to the meticulous Japanese and the Europeans, there are whole lots of cultures t learn from.

· Learn a new skill

The holiday period is when we implement some of the resolutions we make. If you planned to learn the art of self-defense, then Muay Thai is the best sport for you. The sport teaches you all combat and non-combat skill even those not available in other martial art. It is also open to all ages and gender.

Health Benefits of Muay Thai Gym from Suwitmuaythai   

Asides from relaxation, it is also important to care for your body more during the holidays. Training in Muay Thai co-incidentally means involving in some body-benefitting exercise like

· Weight loss

Most people fret over losing some pounds they gained over the last months. However, engaging in a “physical” sport like Muay Thai can help you lose weight the proper way. Muay Thai training helps the body burn lot of calories and fats in the body.

· Fitness routine

A good fitness schedule is helpful for good health and longevity it helps to expel toxins and keep the body active. While most people may find ordinary routines boring, adopting Muay Thai as a training lifestyle will improve your body fitness.

The beauty of Thailand 

Together with the love for the Muay Thai sport, foreigners are also in love with the beautiful tropical regions of Thailand. The beautiful hills and scenic islands, the exciting culture, and the warm people all add to the beauty of the region. If you have time , please check at www.suwitmuaythai.com for Muay Thai gym and holiday.

Also, spending a holiday in Thailand is relatively cheaper compared to other places. The cost of living even in major cities is low compared to its peer around the world.

The annual Muay Thai festival in Thailand is the biggest around the world. A great experience indeed.