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Lowest Airline Fares

First, you have to get there, so let’s explore some different ways you can find the lowest fares on your airline tickets.

You’ve probably heard of the discount air carriers such as JetBlue and Southwest, and often you can find great deals with these airlines. However, what you may not know is the major airlines, due to problems of late such as bankruptcy, are actually making an effort to undercut the prices of some of the cheaper smaller carriers. So don’t automatically cross the larger companies off your list right off the bat. Check their websites and see what kind of deals they are offering.

I recommend checking with the larger online travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity, but don’t assume that just because you have checked there, all other travel sites will offer the same airline fares. The lowest fares may be at another site so check as many as possible. And of course, as I mentioned, check the individual airline websites as well. Fares are always changing, remember to try different times of the day and different days too.

You can use a travel agent at a physical location (as opposed to online) to help you look for deals on hotels, rental cars, etc. Often they have package deals available that can save you a bundle.

Scheduling your trip for the off season will help you save money. The weather will still be gorgeous!

Find a travel message board and ask local residents to give you some advice on the area you plan to visit. They will know what hotels are the cheapest, where you can go to eat for less money, and lots of fun and often free activities. Forums like this are gold, do use them!