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How to book a last-minute holiday resort

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We list some simple tips for a quick vacation planned on the run.

Every so often you come upon a few free days, and you suddenly have the option to just take time off or pack your bags and just travel. Let us say at the outset that last minute travel isn’t ideal, but sometimes, for a quick, short trip, it’s more about packing than planning, finding your nearest and possibly most economical options, and just rolling with it! For those based in Mumbai and Pune, the abundance of resorts in Maharashtra is perfect options for what you can do at the absolute minute.

We’ve put together some tips on last-minute travel:

  • For the lazy planner: Last minute travel depends on several factors, from whether you’re lazy or meticulous, and if you’ve got a decent amount of time and money on your hands and so on. Depending on how lazy you want to be. search for a hill station or a coastal resort near you. Resorts in Maharashtra vary in terms of where they are and how much they cost to book given the State’s varying terrain, literally from the coast to the hills and on to the vast plains and jungles. If nothing else, an ‘in city’ staycation will do the trick.
  • Choose your holiday: The aforementioned varying geography gives travelers the option of exercising their right to choose from several different kinds of holidays. Are you looking for adventure, scenery, nature, forest trails, breathtaking sunsets from high vantage points, or to simply kick back and be lazy on the beach? Resorts in Maharashtra, whether in the more visited or the lesser known travel spots, offer plenty of options and there is always something to choose from in terms of distance of your locale of choice.
  • Pack right, plan less: Don’t get bogged down by too much planning, just make sure you’ve got the essential for that last-minute getaway based on where you’re going (as aside: mosquito repellent cream is essential). Knowing what you want to do and where you want to go isn’t a bad plan, and you can just land up there. Somebody, somewhere, has always got an extra room or a homestay that’s up for grabs, just don’t take your 3-piece lounge suit to Malvan beach.
  • Deals, deals and more deals: If you do like to plan a bit in advance, make sure that you’re constantly refreshing till the very last minute in terms of all those booking websites, because rooms appear and disappear, and then like magic, they appear again. In some cases, it’s a simple game of fastest finger first.
  • When it’s all dried up: If you’re simply just out of options, and you’re going to play it safe and not ‘just show up’ at the said choice of a vacation spot, look up Google and search for the lesser known vacation spots. Maharashtra has many of them, and maybe not everyone wants to climb a certain hill fort in the winter, in which case its quick getaway sorted. Throw in a bit of history and adventure, and most definitely, all will be pleasing to the eye, soul, and wandering feet.