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Get Low Cost Air Fare

Be Informed

Be informed when there are deals available. You can do your own research every time you travel, but this can take a lot of your time. If you are looking for a low cost air fare, there are online services everywhere that can monitor the cheapest airfares available.

You can choose to be informed about the cheapest airfares anytime and anywhere. For instance, online services like Fare Watchers can inform you about the cheapest airfares that are particular to a city or group of cities. So wherever you are, you’re able to get exactly what you want.

There are other services like the one Yahoo! provides. The type of service Yahoo! provides allows you to choose your city and view the cheapest airfares in that city, but most of all the service comes with other benefits. At the same time, you can view the news, weather and more.

Using these online services can help you find a low cost air fare fast. To be informed every time and everywhere, all you have to do is register online for free. You can start with airline websites. Once you’re done registering these websites will send you an e-mail from time to time regarding information on low cost air fare and other great deals. Depending on which airline website you’re registered in, you may receive an e-mail every week.

Go With Big And Small Travel Companies

You can always go with the big guys like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. These travel companies can really help you get started in finding the low cost air fare you’ve been looking for. However, widen your options. You can also go with Farechase, Kayak, Farecast and Sidestep. Check out Jet Blue and Southwest. Good research will widen your chances of getting the cheapest airfare.

Book Right Away

Of course, you’ll need to get a really good deal before booking. If you feel a low cost air fare is low enough for you book right away! Costs can go up and down like crazy. In as little as 30 minutes a $300 flight can turn into a $350 flight.

Pick The Right Time

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. During those days, you’re more likely to get yourself a low cost air fare. If possible, you may also call the airlines at around 12 in the morning on Wednesday. This is when new fares are released, so you’re also more likely to get a low cost air fare this way.