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Antarctica Cruise

Snow Mountaineering: This is a technical and more strenuous activity for mountaineers who wish to walk beyond the shore radius in order to reach higher grounds and view points. To enjoy this activity, you need to be able to do prolonged walks in fairly rugged terrain. Backcountry guides will accompany every group.

Ski touring: A few select voyages offer the chance to explore more remote areas as a group on backcountry skis. Safety gear is provided, and each group is accompanies by a certified guide. This is for experienced backcountry skiers only.

Ski Mountaineering: This activity is for experienced ski mountaineers who aim at reaching the higher peaks. Under the guidance of a certified mountain and ski guide, participants move into sometimes steep, deep snow-covered, partly glaciated, and potentially dangerous alpine terrain. The ski mountain guide is in charge and responsible for the safety of the group.

Mountaineering: Not for the faint of heart, but truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Offered in the early season when ice and snow is still solid. Companies offering this option provide equipment and highly qualified guides.

Adventure Activities offered throughout the season:

Camping: Spend the night sleeping outside in Antarctica! Camping can be done anytime during the season in Antarctica, but is really beautiful on the snow and ice. Ships offer different options for “open-air” camping with extremely warm sleeping bags, to tent camping, to several night programs with kayaks. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and sense of adventure!

Kayaking: Paddling between icebergs and pack ice, observing animals in their natural environment, the only sound you hear is water dripping from the paddles, kayaking is truly a peaceful way to become one with the coastline surrounding Antarctica. Kayakers are accompanied with a kayak guide and have the opportunity to go off the beaten track. Kayaking in the polar areas adds greatly to the experience being in unspoiled wilderness. Basic kayaking skills are required.

Overnight Sea Kayaking – One select voyage offers a multi-night kayaking trip. Everything is supplied that is required for overnights away from the ship.

Stand Up Paddle boarding: Combining surfing with kayaking or canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding will give you a very personal and unique perspective on Antarctica. Guided by experienced staff in small groups in good weather conditions on calm bays and harbors.

Polar Diving: Diving in polar waters is truly something unique. A few voyages offer the opportunity do scuba dive. You must be a very experienced diver and familiar with cold water diving and dry suit diving (at least 20 dives). Before departure you will have to show an internationally accepted diving certificate, diver’s logbook and a statement from your doctor (not older than two years) stating that you are physically healthy to practice scuba diving.

Photography – Many different options exist for specialized photography. Some companies offer Photographer in Residence program, Enhanced Photography Program, Expedition Photography, and even Photographic Symposiums. Some vessels have multimedia rooms for photo downloading and optimization. It is safe to say that all programs will offer opportunities for amazing shots and enthusiastic help onboard staff.