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5 Best Reasons to Visit Goa for Celebrating This Diwali

Goa celebrates an exclusive Diwali with a distinct approach and amenities. Here are 5 best reasons for which you should indulge your holiday experience at Goa beach and resorts on this Diwali 2019. First place first, save the dates for Diwali in Goa right away and book your best abode to experience the festival of light amidst the blue lagoon. The cultural mix with a flamboyance of luxury and performances is waiting for your way.

Blue with golden embellishment

Go…Goa itself is a samba for mind and soul to go gay. The blue magic and natural efficacy attract all tourists across India and from abroad as well. When this blue gets tuned to the golden light of purity or bliss then a celebration of Diwali in Goa becomes even more indulging and magical. The stretch of seal beach of Goa gets adorned with an embellishment of light. Music of celebration and diverse performances would make your holiday at the epitome of grace.

Best Abode facility

The best part of Goa is its abode facility. Be the hotel, resort or rentals of any price range you will get the incomparable staying facility. GoaVilla.com is one of the leading organizations connecting you with best rentals at Goa with multi-facilities and five-star ambiances. Especially on Diwali all hotels and resorts welcome guests in a traditional makeover that portrays the cultural efficacy of India.

Experience the world heritage site of the world in India

Goa is acknowledged as the world’s heritage site by UNESCO. It has an anonymous scenic beauty that let you fell heaven on earth. The extravagant sea beach, old Portuguese structure, forts, natural beauty, water sports facilities and a lot more make it one of the best tourist spots. Moreover, the celebration of Diwali in Goa with mix and match of culture across India accomplishes the togetherness and perfect meaning of Diwali.

Longest Diwali with full of celebration

In other parts of India, Diwali is a one-day celebration. But Goa has its specialties in celebrating for 5 days. 5 days are packed with different rituals, practices, and special food items. Almost all the houses are painted and cleaned. Malls, hotels, and resorts get a new traditional makeover. They start it with special puja of Lord Vishnu. Temples are decked up with a plethora of flowers and cultural scripts. All offers diya and other offerings to Lord Vishnu. Other days are followed by Narska Chaturdashi, burning of Narkasur idol, distributing sweets and burning crackers. Mata Laxmi puja and Lord Ganesha is also worshipped for wealth, health and prosperity.

Oneness of all religions

The oneness of all regions is an exclusive feature of Diwali in Goa, so it is an example of oneness in diversity. All religion comes together in celebrating this mega event. The celebration gets intrigued in the entire environment and air, the water of Goa. So, don’t forget to book your trip on this Diwali at Goa to ensure the happiness of your family and near ones. Happy Diwali in advance!