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Plan A Fulfilling Cruise

1. Know the number of people cruising with you

If it is just a few of you, then planning should be easy, but you will need a lot more planning and coordination when you plan to travel with more family members and friends. If you are bringing children along, then you need to make sure that the cruise package has plenty of activities for them too. You can plan for a private kind of cruises or you can choose to pay for cruises that accommodate lots of other people headed the same direction you are. The important thing is to choose what works for you and the people you are tagging along.

2. Choose the best cruise length

Cruise packages differ in length and the vacation time you have available should help you select the length that is most suitable. A cruise can be only a few days or you can choose one that goes for a week and more. A weekend cruise can be a great choice for those with little time to spare. With so many destinations and packages, you should be able to plan a cruise length that you can afford and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Pick the best stateroom

People have different preferences when it comes to cruises and your stateroom choices should be guided by your vacation preferences. For instance, if what you dream of is lounging in a private balcony as you enjoy the gracious tropical views, then a balcony stateroom is the ideal selection. Couples can cruise in a suite or a penthouse to get the most from the cruise vacation. If you are a little pressed on a budget, then you can always settle for an inside stateroom. Some cruise packages can offer you additions such as 24 hour butler for your luxury experience.

4. Consider onboard activities

Even when you are going on a romantic cruise vacation, you will definitely need activities to fill your time on board. Find out what activities you will find on-board and how exciting they will make your cruise. Spa services, wine tasting, bingo, culinary demonstrations, live entertainments and others are some of the most popular on most cruises.

Luxury Gulet Cruises

First let’s get down to the basics- a gulet is a traditional Mediterranean ship that was used mostly by traders and sometimes by fishermen. These traditional boats were made of wood and their length was their main characteristic. The modern day gulets are in no way different in shape but what has changed is that now they are designed more like luxury cruises and are used as such. No longer are gulets the choice of fishermen and traders, but they are mostly used for luxury cruises by holiday makers for a holiday out in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

But other than the Mediterranean only, Turkey also offers the uniquely European coasts of the Adriatic Sea. This side of the Turkish coasts goes by the name of Croatian Blue and the highlights of this region are the medieval European cities and coasts like Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, Korcula and Krka Waterfalls, etc.

The historic legacy of Turkey can’t be visited in a single day and for that travellers need to charter gulet cruises Turkey. These cruises come in two varieties, one in which you book one along with some other travellers which will keep you in a group. The other one is in which you charter a single cruise where you can spend some real quality time with your near and dear ones. The latter is among the most popular ones as it guarantees immense peace and quiet along with great service and facilities. Be it snorkelling in the clear waters of Turquoise Bay, hiking on some secluded Mediterranean Islands or visiting some historic town on the coasts, Luxury gulet cruises in turkey have all the ingredients for a successful and memorable holiday.

Plan a Cruise Vacation

Get in Touch with a Travel Agent

If you are unsure of the route to take or the cruise to choose, get in touch with a travel agent. They will be able to help you out. In fact, they might even be able to guide on the best cruises in the world, while also keeping your budget in mind.

Set a Budget Aside

When you are travelling on a cruise, there will be many avenues where you can spend money. Which is why it is important to make sure you have budget and stick within that. Don’t go overboard with your expenses and spend your money wisely. Also, take most of your essentials with you so that you don’t have to spend money on buying them on the ship.

Get a Medical Checkup Done

A lot of people catch sea fever when they are travelling by the sea. If you have motion sickness, you have higher chances of falling sick on board. So, before you embark on your trip, get a full check up done and take necessary medications with you. Also, if you are suffering from any illnesses at the moment, take the prescribed medicines with you so that you don’t face any problem on board.

Get Low Cost Air Fare

Be Informed

Be informed when there are deals available. You can do your own research every time you travel, but this can take a lot of your time. If you are looking for a low cost air fare, there are online services everywhere that can monitor the cheapest airfares available.

You can choose to be informed about the cheapest airfares anytime and anywhere. For instance, online services like Fare Watchers can inform you about the cheapest airfares that are particular to a city or group of cities. So wherever you are, you’re able to get exactly what you want.

There are other services like the one Yahoo! provides. The type of service Yahoo! provides allows you to choose your city and view the cheapest airfares in that city, but most of all the service comes with other benefits. At the same time, you can view the news, weather and more.

Using these online services can help you find a low cost air fare fast. To be informed every time and everywhere, all you have to do is register online for free. You can start with airline websites. Once you’re done registering these websites will send you an e-mail from time to time regarding information on low cost air fare and other great deals. Depending on which airline website you’re registered in, you may receive an e-mail every week.

Go With Big And Small Travel Companies

You can always go with the big guys like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. These travel companies can really help you get started in finding the low cost air fare you’ve been looking for. However, widen your options. You can also go with Farechase, Kayak, Farecast and Sidestep. Check out Jet Blue and Southwest. Good research will widen your chances of getting the cheapest airfare.

Book Right Away

Of course, you’ll need to get a really good deal before booking. If you feel a low cost air fare is low enough for you book right away! Costs can go up and down like crazy. In as little as 30 minutes a $300 flight can turn into a $350 flight.

Pick The Right Time

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. During those days, you’re more likely to get yourself a low cost air fare. If possible, you may also call the airlines at around 12 in the morning on Wednesday. This is when new fares are released, so you’re also more likely to get a low cost air fare this way.

Sailing Destinations of the World

The Seychelles

The breathtaking Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, boasts some of the most brilliant flora and fauna on earth, just 4 degrees south of the equator. The outer islands are low-laying, mostly coral atolls and sailing is done mainly within the inner islands, all close together which make for easy island hopping. The Seychelles Islands can best be described as paradise on earth with towering granite rocks, swaying palm trees and turquoise inlets that are framed with sparkling white sand beaches. Mahe is the largest island and since it is surrounded by other islands, its beaches are relatively calm and safe. Mahe is a mountainous island with peaks approaching 1000 meters and tropical forests that are laced with hiking trails. The gorgeous tropical scenery, white beaches and shimmering aquamarine waters make Seychelles a perfect sailing holiday destination.

The Greek Islands

Sailing is really the best way to experience these breathtaking islands, setting your own island-hopping itinerary, finding secluded spots or dining on Greek cuisine. Greece has 6,000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 are inhabited. The Greek Islands are home to some of the greatest sunsets on earth and with more than 300 days of sunshine a year making this one of the best places on earth to charter a yacht. Each of these islands has their own unique character making every port visit unique. The continuous sunshine, traditional whitewashed villages, ancient archeology, stunning natural landscapes and rich culture draws sailors from all over the world.


Called the ‘new Greece’, the ‘new Riviera’ and the ‘new Tuscany’, Croatia has become an increasingly must-go destination for all types of travelers, but there is really no better way to experience it than sailing the Adriatic, where the sun is almost always shining. Croatia has reshaped its infrastructure during the past decade to make it a popular destination for anyone seeking terrific cruising, historic settings and remote beaches. Croatia is one of the Mediterranean’s hidden gems, with 1,185 islands and 1778km of coastline, it is truly a sailor’s paradise. The Dalmatian Islands are wild, rugged and mostly uninhabited and offer some of the best sailing in the area. The rolling coastline is speckled with pristine beaches, lush green slopes and ancient villages steeped in history.

French Polynesia

Roughly halfway between Australia and California, French Polynesia’s 118 islands are scattered over an expanse of the Pacific Ocean stretching more than 2000 sq km. French Polynesia is made up of five main groups of islands, including Tahiti, a landscape of jagged volcanic peaks dotted with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls. The islands offer an alluring mix of beautiful lagoons, traditional culture and exotic marine life, with lots to explore on land as well as at sea. The wide lagoons around Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora offer plenty of protected flat-water sailing, and outside the reefs, the long Pacific swells will give you a taste of ocean sailing at its best.

River Nile Cruise in Egypt

The River Nile is the heart of Egypt; it gave life to the Egyptians in the past as well as in the modern world. The River Nile has been a constant source of transport and communication as well as major source of fertility and riches. It is a fact that without its ancient history, Egypt would nowhere be as fascinating as it is.

To relive Egypt’s history, follow the course of the River Nile by going on a cruise in Egypt from Luxor to Aswan. The cruise is a highly enjoyable and memorable experience which is filled with stunning views backed by abundant history at every angle.

The cruise can be from a day to up to fourteen to fifteen days, depending on which places and spots you want to cover. All the important magnificent monuments are located around the River Nile because throughout history Nile was the main source of everything for Egyptians. It is like a green heaven cutting through the barren browns of the Sahara.

It is up to you whether you want to just sit back and relax in your suite and enjoy the breathtaking views, or whether you want to bathe in the sun on the deck and enjoy a cocktail as well as the pleasant Cairo atmosphere. Or you can go spend a large amount of time on land, hiking to the temples and tombs, getting a workout instead. The cruises are of different kinds and variety suitable to the desires of every person. There is a 32 cabin cruise boat with a relaxed and modern environment with high class food and luxury of sorts. The rooms have large windows so that not a view will be missed. It is a blend of the 21st century as well as the ancient side of tour Egypt. Another type of cruise has only 4 cabins each of which are tailored to your needs; it is a personal getaway in its prime state.

Booking A Cruise Online

1) You can easily compare fares and special deals across multiple sites to know which one is the best and then decide accordingly.

2) You also can sign up for email alerts that will inform you about every last minute deals, price drops, and limited-time promotions. Travel agents sometimes are sneaky about things like these but this way you have the chance to avail those if you want to.

3) Online sellers can provide you with lots of information – deck plans, cabin layouts and information about cruise ship amenities and in-port activities – to help you book. Basically, everything you want to know is right there.

4) Your preference about getting your type of cabin matters and will be booked – depending on how early you book, how much you can spend, etc.

5) Although travel agents sometimes save you money with deals, they aren’t always motivated to get you to pay less because that would mean less money for themselves. So it is better when you book your own self because that way you can get a better price.

6) In addition, agents often charge fees to book airline tickets. Some charge more than $250 to plan an international vacation.

7) The price travel agents tell you includes a hefty portion that will be his/her commission. This is why they will look for most expensive offer suitable to the preferences you have told him/her. More reasons to book online and save some money!

Travel Packages Make Life Easier

A travel package can look a little different depending on how your book your trip. For the most part, though, it means that you’re able to book travel & accommodations together. At times, a travel package can include group tours at your destination or have plans for meals & drinks while you travel. In any case, the idea behind these packages is paying one price for everything you want in your trip and that the price you paid is actually a better deal than booking everything separately.

Here are five ways travel packages make your life easier:

All Planning Done At Once – Nowadays, you can use technology in the way of emails and apps to get tremendous deals on travel all over the world. If you’re not savvy enough, though, you might be trying to book a hotel, airfare, and attraction tickets separately. Do yourself a favor & knock everything out together.

Rates Are Generally Lower – Travel experts note the lower rates with packages, and this is certainly the case when it’s booking with a group rate. Getting larger groups of seats & rooms booked at the same time definitely results in better pricing. In fact, a general web search will show you just how much of an incentive it is over traditional booking.

Many Options to Choose From – The travel industry is customer-driven, which means you, as a consumer, are in the driver’s seat. Everyone is vying for your business, which means that lower prices are more available because everyone’s trying to outbid the competition.

Concentrate On Your Trip More – You can actually enjoy traveling more because everything else is taken care of, and that’s a nice feeling. Now your attention can be about what you’ll see & experience rather than how you’ll get there & where you’ll stay.

Safe & Reliable Travel – Travel packages are usually rooted in regular scheduling for travel companies. This means they’ve booked these kinds of deals often, and it’s old-hat for them. It also means that if your travel package also includes tours & sights, the trips, guides, and itineraries are safer & more reliable.

Cruising With Young Kids

Check the age limit of the cruise

The age limit of children vary from cruise to cruise and whenever you’ve booked a cruise then do check the age limit. Cruises provide facilities according to the age limit they have for children so it can be a bit of a problem for you later if you don’t follow their rules and regulations.

Make your kids, excited for the trip

Show your children some pictures of your destination and invite them when you are making plans so that they get excited about the journey, tell them about the cabin that you’ve booked and the pool and other activities so they get ready for a new routine and change of area. At times kids got quite upset and disturbed due to the change in their routines which can affect your vacation so make them excited and prepare them well.

Talk to the Cruise in-charge

Discuss with your cruise in-charge regarding your children’s safety and what can you do in emergency situations. There are babysitting options in almost all the cruise ships so ask for them too and what do they cost.

Pack for your kids carefully

While you are packing stuff for the cruise trip, always remember to pack all the necessary things that your children require on a daily basis and those things which are a part of their regular routines, children are quite sensitive to their objects so don’t miss out on those objects as that can make them upset.

Give them safety precautions

One you are on the board with you kids then do gather them and tell them about the security measures they have to take and also tell them the importance of the rules and regulations of the cruise that are must be followed otherwise some severe damage can be caused. Attend the muster drill too and confirm that life jackets are provided to you in your room.

Family Vacation on Budget

My family did this one year, we split between 3 families and it is one of my most memorable vacations ever. It was right on the beach and so much fun to wake up and take a long walk on the beach without many crowds and without being in a hurry to go anywhere. We ate out plenty, but we did save quite a bit by cooking quite a few of our own meals. Great fun.

Another great low-cost idea on how to travel cheap is camping. Now I will admit I am not much of a camper unless I have electricity, air conditioning, a shower, etc. But I know that there are many people who really enjoy the great outdoors complete with tent and sleeping bags. Kids really love this too! So if you are the outdoorsy type, give it a try on your next vacation and save some serious money at the same time. I can’t vouch for this personally but those in the know say it is really enjoyable. If you are one like me who likes to travel with the RV or camper, places like Jellystone Park Camp Resorts and KOA are well known and plentiful, and they offer many family activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Here’s another tip on how to travel cheap if you are planning a vacation to another state. Go online and check out the local newspaper. There are many deals and advertisements on how to save money, plus lots of local activities with coupons. If you can, have a copy mailed to you.

If possible, try to take your family on vacation in the off season, meaning try to avoid the middle of the summer or right at holidays. Sometimes you can get your kids some time out of school if they will make up the work. Or maybe you will be visiting some cultural areas with museums and science centers, and you can have your kids write up a paper for extra credit. Traveling in the off season is a great idea on how to travel cheap.

Finally, remember to purchase necessities before you leave (for example, sunscreen, aspirin, deodorant, toothpaste). These can be more costly if you have to buy them at the shop in the hotel. Purchase beforehand at the discount store or even the dollar store to save a few bucks.