I Will Be Moving to the State That I’ve Wanted to Live in for Many Years

I’ve always wanted to live in the southern portion of our country. I had wanted to move there right after college but was unable to secure a job there right away. Instead, a place out in California hired me so that is the direction I went 10 years ago. But now, as I find myself looking at Manassas VA apartments for rent I feel much happier. The western portion of the country was not for me. I am someone who lives a relaxed, laid back and maybe even a slower life. I enjoy eating food that is tasty and I have no interest in counting calories. I like super friendly people. All of these things are found in the state where I am now moving to.

As someone who has been brought up in the midwest, live was okay there. It was a bit boring. Often, people don’t talk much about the state that I grew up in. I wanted something different. When I learned that I was first hired to work in a big California city after graduation, I was not disappointed. I really wanted to see what life was like there, even though I knew that it would not really fit my lifestyle. But after a decade, I knew that I belonged elsewhere.

I made a concerted effort to send out my resume to many different companies located in Virginia. This is the state that I was most interested in. I had five different companies call me almost immediately for an interview. I scheduled them to take place over two day’s time, and I flew out for 3 days. On the second day, one of the companies told me immediately that they wanted to hire me. I then took the third day to look for a new place and found one within hours of starting my search.