Finding a Luxury Apartment That Had Everything on Our Must-Have Lists

We had a huge list of things we wanted in our next apartment. For example, when we were looking for South Charlotte apartments, I wanted to be close to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. I have to fly all the time on business, and a short commute to the airport would be very welcome. I was driving over an hour now. Also, we wanted a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and we were absolutely in need of a Bark Park for our dog. He is an energetic Jack Russel terrier that can become a Jack Russel terror if not exercised every day. There has to be an outlet for all of his energy.

I wanted a private patio. My wife was okay not having one, but she does enjoy sitting outside in the evenings with me. She had a list of must-haves along with a list of things she would like to have. The patio was on my must-have list. She wanted one, but was willing to take a place that did not have one. I would be happy with a nice private balcony if we were on an upper floor of an apartment, but I preferred first-floor apartments. We got everything on our must-have lists and a whole lot of the things that we would like to have when we rented a CityView Park South apartment home.

We were actually going to pass on touring the place as we thought another apartment we looked at would be okay. I am so glad we toured this luxury apartment in South Charlotte, North Carolina. It has a better gym and a much nicer swimming pool. Plus, it is just a few minutes away from the airport. A really cool thing that we did not even think about is the 10-foot ceilings we have in our apartment. They really open up the space making it airy and really takes away any cramped feelings of apartment living.