A Three Bedroom and Four Bathroom Apartment

My mom joked with me several years ago that when my father retires, they are selling their house and traveling around to visit us three kids. I live in Georgia, my sister lives in California, and our brother lives in Michigan. I knew they would have a lot of fun traveling, even if it meant they would stay with each of us for three to four months long. When I looked at apartments near Tucker GA not long ago, I kept that thought in my head because it seemed like something they were really going to do since they told my brother and sister the same thing.

My brother and sister definitely had the space at the time, but I did not. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to get a bigger apartment. I did not want the responsibility that comes with being a homeowner, and living in an apartment is just fine for my husband and myself along with our 10 year old son. When I looked at Green Park and saw that they have three bedroom units that have four bathrooms, I knew that it was what we needed.

I was expecting to find the usual three bedroom units that only have two bathrooms, which has never made sense to me. I was hoping for a three bathroom unit, but I never imagined I would have three full bathrooms and a half bath. The three full bathrooms are in each bedroom, and the half bath is right off the kitchen, next to the laundry room, and it is for any of us to use as well as guests who come. My parents will have their very own bedroom and bath on the lower level, and my husband and I will have a bedroom on the top level right next to our son’s. This could not have worked out any better for us.