I Need a Place in Mission Viejo

I got here about two weeks ago as I decided that I needed some time to get set up before school started. Of course there are not nearly as many students here during the summer semester and that means that there are a lot of luxury apartments for Mission Viejo near the campus. My intention was to find a place that was really close, so that I would be able to walk or ride my bike all of the time. I got to looking for a job as well and I think that I have a pretty good one which is going to be pretty close to perfect. Right after I got here I went past this really nice restaurant and they were in the process of putting up a help wanted sign. They needed a dishwasher, but in the time since I took that job (because it was there and I needed more money) they have lost one of the prep chefs. That just involves getting the food ready for the cooks to cook it. I am learning quite a bit, which is better than the pay.

Most of all I get at least one really good meal for free while I am there, usually I show up and eat something and then I eat again before I leave. That is a big deal for me, since I am trying to scrimp and save any place that I can. Spending five or ten dollars per day upon food does not seem like very much, but it is if you are basically going to be on the ragged edge. I have a little money saved up and of course I get some financial aid, but it is not going to last me as long as I am going to need for it to last.