My Parents Moved to Asheville Too

My brother moved to Asheville nearly eight years ago after he and his wife were married. My other brother followed nearly three years later because of a job offer. I came here two years ago because of my own marriage to an Asheville native. Now, our parents are looking to move here because they want to be close to all three of their children. Since they are now retired, they have the luxury of of looking at different apartments in Asheville to find the one that is the best fit for them, and then just moving here.

My two brothers have their own opinions on where our folks should live, but they were both retirement communities. Granted, our parents are in their 60s, but they are not anywhere close to needing a retirement community just yet. In fact, I am guessing not only will they have grandchildren first but probably great grandchildren too! I had looked at some of the complexes that are centrally located between all three of us kids, and the one that struck me as the best is The District. I showed my mom the website, and she fell in love with it just from that.

My dad was just as easy of a sale for it. Even my brothers told me that it is just perfect for them. They have a two bedroom apartment now that has two bathrooms. They wanted the second bedroom as a home library because they are both avid readers. They also appreciate having the second bathroom! My dad really likes being able to walk out the door and go to the fitness center just a minute’s walk away, and my mom is still giddy over the resort style pool that she can use anytime she wants. There are other older couples there too, and they have just been having a great time there!