Tips For Choosing Cell Phone Plans For Seniors Today

Seniors are now living more independent lives than ever. One of the main factors in maintaining independence, safety, and security for any senior today is a reliable cell phone. However, many seniors just don’t need or want one of the more complicated and costly smart phones. After all, some of today’s popular smart phones often cost $800 or even more. The answer may be found in a unique cell phone made exclusively for the convenience of the senior market.

The Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phone: The Phone Made Just For Seniors

One of the leading choices in cell phones for seniors is the Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phone. This cell phone was created exclusively to meet the needs of the senior and geriatric market. The cell phone merges the reliability offered by a smart phone with with ease of use of old fashioned telephones. There are large buttons, a very well lit screen, large text, enhanced ring and general sound volume, and a very easy to use navigation menu. The Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phone also features something that will put the minds of both seniors and their loved ones at rest: an SOS button. The button can be combined with an optional SOS Plus mobile monitoring service, which means that seniors can have emergency help at the push of a single button. The additional service costs just $15 extra per month, and many seniors find it more than worth it to have this extra layer of safety and protection.

The Advantages of the Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phone

There are several unique advantages of the Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phone. First, it has been designed to combat all the problems seniors tend to have with smart phones today. There are easy to understand prompts, easy to hear rings, and simple to use options. The cost is also extremely reasonable, especially when considering the fact that many seniors simply don’t care about having an extensive talk, text, and data plan. The starter plan is under $20 per month, and it includes 300 minutes of talk time. Extra minutes can be added at any time. All of the Snapf?n® ezTWO3 Senior Cell Phones come with a replacement plan, as well.

Seniors today just want phones and cell phone plans that are easy to use and won’t break the bank, and this phone may just be the perfect answer.