I Will Be Moving to the State That I’ve Wanted to Live in for Many Years

I’ve always wanted to live in the southern portion of our country. I had wanted to move there right after college but was unable to secure a job there right away. Instead, a place out in California hired me so that is the direction I went 10 years ago. But now, as I find myself looking at Manassas VA apartments for rent I feel much happier. The western portion of the country was not for me. I am someone who lives a relaxed, laid back and maybe even a slower life. I enjoy eating food that is tasty and I have no interest in counting calories. I like super friendly people. All of these things are found in the state where I am now moving to.

As someone who has been brought up in the midwest, live was okay there. It was a bit boring. Read More »

Finding a Luxury Apartment That Had Everything on Our Must-Have Lists

We had a huge list of things we wanted in our next apartment. For example, when we were looking for South Charlotte apartments, I wanted to be close to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. I have to fly all the time on business, and a short commute to the airport would be very welcome. I was driving over an hour now. Also, we wanted a nice kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and we were absolutely in need of a Bark Park for our dog. He is an energetic Jack Russel terrier that can become a Jack Russel terror if not exercised every day. There has to be an outlet for all of his energy.

I wanted a private patio. Read More »

A Three Bedroom and Four Bathroom Apartment

My mom joked with me several years ago that when my father retires, they are selling their house and traveling around to visit us three kids. I live in Georgia, my sister lives in California, and our brother lives in Michigan. I knew they would have a lot of fun traveling, even if it meant they would stay with each of us for three to four months long. When I looked at apartments near Tucker GA not long ago, I kept that thought in my head because it seemed like something they were really going to do since they told my brother and sister the same thing.

My brother and sister definitely had the space at the time, but I did not. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to get a bigger apartment. I did not want the responsibility that comes with being a homeowner, and living in an apartment is just fine for my husband and myself along with our 10 year old son. Read More »

Staring a New Life in Brandon, FL

I am in my final semester in college and have been offered an internship in Tampa. Since I have lived in Ohio my entire life this is going to be a huge change for me and I’m a little apprehensive about it. But I must move forward. The company I’m going to work for told me about some new apartments in Brandon FL that are in a safe neighborhood. I’m going to look into this as soon as possible. I don’t want to wait until the last minute to find a place to live and want everything set up before I graduate.

One evening I sat down with my laptop and researched the apartment community in Brandon. Much to my surprise, there was a lot of information and pictures of these new apartments. My number one concern is safety. This was immediately put at ease when I read that it is a gated community with 24-hour controlled access. I was pleased with all of the community amenities available such as a pool, a fitness room, recycling area and grilling areas just to name a few. Read More »

My Friends Picked My New Apartment for Me

I let my friends pick where I was going to live. I invited everyone to a party at my old place using formal invitations that I actually mailed to them. I don’t think these Internet junkies have ever gotten anything in the mail other than bills and ads. The premise was to go online and look for apartments near Ballantyne in Charlotte NC, and then pick the best place for us all to tour. They looked at a bunch of apartment websites, and then they all voted and settled that I would be moving to the District South apartments as soon as we all did a site tour and it met their approval.

They talked about me having big rooms with high ceilings so that we could all have space when they visited me. They said they needed parking too, because they were tired of walking almost a block from where they had to park to get to my old apartment. Plus, they said the place had to have a big swimming pool for their entertainment. Keep in mind that there were only four friends deciding for me. They are my friends. Read More »

My Parents Moved to Asheville Too

My brother moved to Asheville nearly eight years ago after he and his wife were married. My other brother followed nearly three years later because of a job offer. I came here two years ago because of my own marriage to an Asheville native. Now, our parents are looking to move here because they want to be close to all three of their children. Since they are now retired, they have the luxury of of looking at different apartments in Asheville to find the one that is the best fit for them, and then just moving here.

My two brothers have their own opinions on where our folks should live, but they were both retirement communities. Granted, our parents are in their 60s, but they are not anywhere close to needing a retirement community just yet. Read More »

Google Maps for iPad Launched

Jakarta – After a week after Google Maps launched for Android users, the information technology company is now re-presenting feature map for iPad users. Google Maps 2.0 can be enjoyed globally since Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
Features that are designed for use with the device’s larger screen choose the look with clearer images and soft colors.
Just like the Android version, iOS-based applications include traffic information in real time. Google Maps 2.0 comes with Foursquare and navigation that includes information about a variety of places, including restaurants and shopping centers.
This application actually has not been downloaded from the App Store could in their home country, the United States. Yet it can be downloaded for users in Asia.
Google Maps before, they can be enjoyed by users of smart phones iPhone. Launch the application updates to follow up on complaints that come from iPhone users, especially iPhone 5 to Apple Maps. Users complained about the lack of accuracy especially on Apple Maps. Apple Management then apologized in writing to the users of the iPhone and iPad.
Service on the map offers features traffic information, navigation, transit directions, satellite, road, indoor photos, restaurant reviews, and the integration of the Google profile. Unlike other Google apps made​​, this map is a special feature produced for the default operating system iOS. The application advantages are speed and small file size so it does not take much memory.

Google’s Chromecast could throw your mobile and browser games onto your TV

Google was announced The Chromecast, a small WiFi-enabled HDMI dongle that may well prove big news for bringing mobile and browser games to your living room.

The Chromecast plugs into your television’s HDMI slot, and allows you to send content from Android and iOS devices to the TV screen via Wi-Fi, while also supporting Chromebooks, and the Chrome web browser for Mac and Windows.

The device that is connected to the Chromecast then controls everything you see on the TV. The one caveat is that mobile apps need to integrate the Googlecast SDK to be able to send content across (apps in a Chrome web browser will work via “Chrome tab projection.”)

The device costs $35, and is already available to purchase directly from the Google Play Store. Notably, the possibility of projecting mobile and browser games via the device is not mentioned on the official website, which focuses on the video and music capabilities of the device.

As such, there’s no word as-of-yet regarding whether games will be fully supported, or whether input lag will cause issues for this particular line of fire.

What Everyone Is Saying About Order Paper Online Is Dead Wrong and Why

What Everyone Is Saying About Order Paper Online Is Dead Wrong and Why order paper online

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The Good, the Bad and Order Paper Online

Evidently, you can not inspect the newspapers in a internet store. Superior example newspapers will be quite a considerable selection of. It is potential to even e-mail your invites to conserve newspaper. It’s likely to track down all of paper related matters right here. Card stock Paper For Invitations need are the best solution for your own ideas. The papers go through a rigorous method of command really isn’t a mystery that informative article writing isn’t as simple because it might e mail, or internet speak any time of. Though many up-to-date newspapers are created at the precise general fashion, you’ll find lots of variances from the weights and thicknesses of these papers.

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‘Portable’ computer from 1979 wins CNET’s old tech contest

CNET’s From Old School to Tech Cool Contest asked our Facebook fans to share photos of old tech, with the ten most popular qualifying for a chance to win the Panasonic TC-PST60. This plasma TV is a 2013 Editors’ Choice and the only TV to ever receive a 5-star rating from CNET.

Congratulations to Garret W, whose photo of an old-school portable computer won the contest. TV reviewer David Katzmaier selected the winner from among the top ten vote-getting entries.

“There was a lot of great old tech among the final photos,” said David, “but I liked the ‘portable’ TRS-80 computer from 1979 best. With a monochrome monitor, separate keyboard, archaic peripherals and even a three-ring binder, all encased in a massive wood trunk complete with handles, it shows just how far computing and portable tech have come.”

Thank you to everyone who participated and a special congratulations to the ten finalists with the most user votes. Check out their submissions in the photo gallery below.